Open to Change

Sessions for everybody who (wants to) believe in life after death

Do you have a child, a parent, husband, wife, sibling, friend or other loved one who you miss here on earth? Do you feel the pain of their loss, but do you refuse to believe that they are gone forever? By adopting another perspective on death (and therefore automatically on life) the way you mourn changes drastically. You will look back on their lives, how short they may have been, with love, gratitude, pride and without feelings of guilt. Because you understand that nothing in life happens ‘by accident’. All this will create room to reconnect with your loved ones.

of lees hier wat deelnemers van de mini-class vonden:

‘We have nothing to lose and a world to see’
- Let me help you see

The greatest grief in your life is the loss of a loved one, especially a child. I know, I’ve been there. My son died when he was two months old. By now I feel confident enough to say I know why he ‘had to’ die. That I have a better understanding of why we are here on earth, what we’re doing here and why some people leave this earth ‘too’ soon.

It is my mission to share my insights about this topic and try to let people experience another way of dealing with grief. So there wil be room to connect withh your loved ones.

Yin en Yang

Difference between your higher self and persona self

Your soul is searching for totally different experiences here on earth than your persona self or your ego.

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Experiences are there to give you a change to grow

Radical life experiences are often a choice of your soul, these experiences contribute to your spiritual growth.

The people you love are never 'gone'

Your deceased loved ones are not gone forever and they are often much closer than you might think.

Open to Change Sessions

There are different kinds of sessions in which I show you or even better let you experience that it is possible to mourn in a different way. Of course there is a lot of grief and intense sadness, pain and hurt. Those are things you are supposed to feel. But when you allow yourself to get a new perspective on life and death, your intense grief will make place for love and gratitude for the lives that have been lived. And gives you room to reconnect with your loved ones.

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A different approach on death

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Input of other experts

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Answers to life questions

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Love & pride over grief & loss

I am Maartje Lute

My name is Maartje Lute I am the mother of Boaz (7) and Benja *. I am the founder and editor in chief of the Dutch NEL Magazine (NEL stands for Never Ending Love). It’s a glossy magazine for parents who lost their child, in which we focus on the love and gratitude you feel for your child and their live instead on just the hurt and pain. I published several books about grief and mourning.

In 2018 I lost my baby Benja, he was two months old. ‘When you lose your child, it means the end of the world’ that was my understanding all my life. And then it happened, my kid died…